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    The St. Louis Strutters have been performing fast tapping precision dance routines with a rich history of skill and dedication to their talent for thirty years.  Fashioned from the early 1900’s - to Jazz - to Broadway this high-kicking chorus line perform rhythm tap dances with style and glamour.


    Articles in magazines and newspapers verify their talent by saying, “the Strutters  will entertain you in beautifully designed original costumes; smiling and tapping their way into your heart.”   The STLS shock their audiences when they reveal their ages from 57 to 82. Their enthusiasm and sparkling energy is contagious.

     The STLS take pride in performing over 85 shows annually delighting audiences at conventions, corporate meetings, anniversary and birthday celebrations, military reunions, nursing and retirement homes or for any occasion. They are invited to appear in Broadway shows at the Muny Opera in Forest Park and to dance at the annual Ms. Senior America Pageant at Harrah’s Resort in Las Vegas and Atlantic City.  




“A N D  Y O U ’ L L  H A V E  A  R E A L  G O O D  T I M E!!”

“ L E T   U S   E N T E R T A I N  Y O U ! ”Come_See_Us_In_Action.html